Saturday, October 23, 2010

New blog

I thought i'd make another blog so everyone should check it out. Hopefully i will be able to update it more then this one. Anyway you can find my new blog under my profile or just click here. Alt255interestingthings

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Modern Warfare 2

Okay, so i've been playing alot of this game lately. Somehow the entire online aspect of the game is full of a bunch of kids. It doesn't matter what game type you go into, its a bunch of kids. I play alot of domination and i can't get over the kids i find in these games. The objective in domination for those of you who don't already know is to take control over 3 points on the map. Usually you want to grab 2 of the points and kill people off as they rush in to take them back. Well what ticks me off about this is every match i get into there are always at least 4 or 5 people who do nothing but run around like idiots trying to kill the other team. Now, i wouldn't have to much of a problem with it if that was the objective or at least if there wasn't already a game type to do just that. If you want to run around the map with duel akimbo rangers then do it on team deathmatch or free for all. Don't play an objective style game and completely ignore the objective.

It also seems that i'm the only person playing the damn game to have a good time anymore. I was in a match of domination last night on wasteland. The match started, me and another guy ran and was taking the first point near us. Out of no where we are noob tubed by someone, watch the killcam and its just someone standing at their spawn point and blasting grenades across the map. When you find yourself figuring out the exact angle to do this, just shoot yourself. I don't understand how someone can kill someone with a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher from across the map and have any fun with it what so ever. By all means use them if they are called for but standing in one location hitting R2 through out half the match takes no skill at all. If thats all that it takes to keep you entertained just hold your controller and tap the button over and over again without turning on your tv.

Also, just because my gamertag has the word "kitten" in it, doesn't mean i'm a chick.

((Sorry i went so long between posts, I was to busy playing MW2 lol))

Monday, October 4, 2010


Ok guys just a quick post for now. Here is a great AMV i found a little while ago. I'll be making a new post as soon as i get a little more motivated.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Game reviews

From time to time I will probably throw in a few game reviews of my own. I'm a gamer and i'm sure most of the people who read my blog are as well. However, I'm a gamer from from back when games were actually about something. I can not stand these games that keep coming out that are essentially the same damn game. A great example of this is COD and Halo. Now I admit that both are fun (Im assuming Halo is fun, i refuse to play it) But, at what point do we ask for some originality. How many games have you played that go something like this.

Move forward.
See enemies, be it aliens, monsters or a humans.
Shoot at said enemies with some kind projectile flinging apparatus.
Kill two or three of them.
Crotch behind 3 foot wall.
Wait for a minute or two while you miraculously self regenerate.
Pop back up.
Kill remaining enemies.
Mover forward

The only review of video games i take seriously come from Zero Punctuation. If you haven't already seen his videos do so, you won't be disappointed.

The little things

After 3 days of little to no sleep i finally passed out on our love seat around 1pm yesterday, i just woke up. Thats 12 hours of hard sleep curled up into a small ball. I'm a little over 6 foot tall and our love seat can't be more then 4 foot long. Still I somehow managed to stay on it all night long with a small blanket. I woke up with a headache and immediately thought "oh no Megan wanted to go shopping and i slept all day!" (Megan is my girlfriend for those who don't know me in person) I went into the kitchen and looked to see if she had gone without me, seemed as though she didn't. Well anyone who knows me knows I drink coke like a fiend. I know its awful for me and i don't really mind. I think in a world full of things that can harm you coke has to be on the lower end of thing. Anyway, I open the fridge and what do i see? A brand new 2 liter of coke sitting there just for me! Oh My God, I have been drinking my GFs diet crap from a few days because we hadn't gone shopping and to finally have delicious coke again is wonderful. Yes, i know it takes little to nothing to make me happy, but you have to enjoy the little things. Its a rule... look it up... Do it, right now i'll wait. It's rule #32... See?

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