Saturday, October 2, 2010

Game reviews

From time to time I will probably throw in a few game reviews of my own. I'm a gamer and i'm sure most of the people who read my blog are as well. However, I'm a gamer from from back when games were actually about something. I can not stand these games that keep coming out that are essentially the same damn game. A great example of this is COD and Halo. Now I admit that both are fun (Im assuming Halo is fun, i refuse to play it) But, at what point do we ask for some originality. How many games have you played that go something like this.

Move forward.
See enemies, be it aliens, monsters or a humans.
Shoot at said enemies with some kind projectile flinging apparatus.
Kill two or three of them.
Crotch behind 3 foot wall.
Wait for a minute or two while you miraculously self regenerate.
Pop back up.
Kill remaining enemies.
Mover forward

The only review of video games i take seriously come from Zero Punctuation. If you haven't already seen his videos do so, you won't be disappointed.


  1. most games on xbox are like this. so much fun...............................

  2. Just have to look for new an original games, which are sometimes hard to come by.

  3. But they're so interesting and unique! haha :P

  4. thanks god for someone with a little sense.
    i remember how revolutionary Super Mario Brothers was, now all the Mario Series are aimed at damned children.

    What about Starfox 64?
    that game set the momentum for the rest of games

  5. DOOM isn't exactly like this. Mainly because you don't regenerate and if you're hurt you stay hurt until you find health packs. Sometime it involves shooting a few and running back, but that is usually because the enemies are crazy powerful or in overwhelming numbers.

  6. I enjoy both types of games. Like when I don't want to think I'll go for the shooter haha

  7. I like first person shooters the best. I love Call of Duty. Black ops comes out in 29 days.

  8. I play both fps and rpgs,liking the first ones the most..Oh yeah,black ops in 29 days :D

  9. This is what really discourages me from being geeky. I keep looking through lists trying to find unique games... and all I see are the games you describe.

    But I keep looking.

  10. A lot of games follow that same formula, but it's the enjoyment and how you game that makes the games differ from each other. Take left 4 dead for example. That game also follows the same format, or at least it closely does, but there's so many different ways to play the game, and it makes it fun. Alot of games are like that too, with having several different ways to play.

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