Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yet another all nighter

It's 7:05am and im laying on my living room floor wondering about making sort of website. I don't know a whole not about designing them but im pretty sure i can do it. What i'm having a problem with is the content of the website. I'm stumped, does anyone have any suggestions?

(Random thought)
Why is it that no matter what i have in the house i always end up eating ramen? Ramen has to be the best thing anyone has ever come up with. Its cheap, its quick and it taste like.... well... ramen.


  1. uhhhh dude I don't think eating ramen all the time is good for you

  2. aaaah I love ramen, but only the chicken flavor and I hope you get rest soon, I know how you feel

  3. I'd say do a blog on ramen but thats been overdone... you might want to look at the ad providers keyword list, and find keywords that pay the highest, and blog about those subjects. Keywords pertaining to personal injury law seem to do quite well...

  4. personally I like the me gorang noodles the best, they come with soy sauce, oil and chili and you drain teh soup out. so good